FastATA 4000
FastATA 4000


Accelerate your drives
With the FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controller you can now take advantage of the latest low-cost, high-capacity SATA/ATA/EIDE devices like hard drives, Solid State drives (SSD), Compact Flash cards, DVD drives, CD-RW drives, CD-ROM drives, ZIP drives, LS-120 drives, etc.

The FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA is designed to simultaneously use up to four devices: one Compact Flash card, one SATA drive and two to four PATA devices. The number of simultaneously used Compact Flash cards or SATA drives may be increased with additional adapters up to the total number of all connected devices of four.

Hardware Requirements
The minimum hardware configuration is:
Amiga 3000 or Amiga 4000.

The recommended configuration is: Amiga 3/4000 with 68060 (or PPC with 68060) processor card with 64MB RAM.

The FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controller features represent the ultimate technology in its category:
Fast transfer rate of up to 16.6MB/s
The FastATA controller with its maximum transfer rate of 16.6MB/s in the PIO 4 mode offers a huge capacity reserve for fast mass storage devices, especially for fast hard drives. Therefore, applications may run much faster if they can count on fast access to large data files.
Support for ATAPI standard devices
The FastATA 4000 controller implements the ATAPI standard as well, for use with devices like CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, ZIP, LS-120, DVD drives. This enables connection of ATAPI-standard devices to the Amiga with no need of installing additional software.
Two buffered and terminated EIDE ports
The controller operates with two EIDE ports, which enable installation of up to 4 IDE/EIDE/ATAPI devices. Both controller ports are fully buffered and terminated in accordance with the recommendations set forth in the ATA-3 specification. Compatible with PIO-0, PIO-3, PIO-4, ATA/33, ATA/66, ATA/100 ATA/133 devices.
Fully compatible with HDDs > 128GB
Limitations on support for > 128GB HDDs have been
eliminated in the FastATA 4000 controller. The LBA 48 addressing support is included in the onboard BootROM.
Automatically configured devices
The controller automatically recognises any device attached to it, negotiates the highest possible data transfer rates, switches the device into its appropriate mode and transfers data at the maximum
transfer rate.
Automatic processor type recognition
The FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controller automatically detects type of processor and optimises and modifies some software routines in order to achieve the highest possible data transfer rate between the controller and the computer memory.
32-bit access
The computer recognises the controller as a 32-bit device configured in the Zorro III address space. Full 32-bit operation of the controller combined with very efficient software guarantee significant increase in the speed of your computer.

Compatible Turbo Card Models
The FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controller is compatible with all A3/4000 processor card models.


The FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA package includes:

• Fast ATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA Zorro III card with SATA and CompactFlash adapters

• Floppy disk with AllegroCDFS, FastATA software pack and User's Manual

• 46-cm 80-wire ATA-66/100/133 cable

The FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controller fits in any Zorro III slot: Mediator PCI 4000D Quick Installation Guide

SATA and CompactFlash adapters should be installed as follows: FastATA CF/SATA accesories Installation Guide

The FastATA 4000 controller is available with the software pack including FastATA4000 drivers and Allegro CDFS filesystem.

astATA4000 software bundled with FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controllers provides support for:
• PATA and SATA HDD drives,
• CompactFlash cards,
• CD-ROM drives,
• CD-R drives,
• CD-RW drives,
• ZIP drives,
• LS-120 drives.

Info on the current software versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | FastATA section.

FastATA 4000 MK-VI CF/SATA controller Suggested Reatil Price (VAT and local taxes excluded): see Product Price List.

FastATA 4000 controllers was also available under the following trademarks:
A4000 PowerFlyer in United Kingdom,
A4000 Winner High-Speed Controller in Germany.


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