Elbox Computer, the leading manufacturer of hardware for Amiga computers, announces promotion for all Mediator PCI busboards purchased in the Elbox Online Store from 17 to 30 June 2003. With every Mediator busboard purchased in the promotion period, the end-user will be eligible to receive a free Spider II USB 2.0 card enclosed in the Mediator shipment. For details, see the Special Offer page.

About Mediator:
The Mediator PCI busboard line is designed to enable expansion of Amiga computers with a wide range of PCI cards. The following PCI cards are already supported in Mediator busboards: Voodoo5, Voodoo4, Voodoo3, Voodoo Banshee, S3 VirgeDX and S3 Virge PCI graphic cards; Spider USB 2.0 host controller cards; Fast Ethernet 100Mbps and Ethernet 10Mbps PCI network cards; Sound Blaster 4.1 digital, Sound Blaster 128 and ForteMedia FM801-based sound cards; TV tuner cards. The Mediator busboard is a necessary expansion for Amiga computers to employ the power of the latest PowerPC G3/G4 processors, around which SharkPPC and SharkPPC+ cards are based.
Mediator busboards are available for the following Amiga models:
- Amiga 4000T (Mediator PCI 3/4000T),
- Amiga 4000D (Mediator PCI 4000Di, Mediator PCI 4000D, Mediator PCI 3/4000T),
- Amiga 3000T (Mediator PCI 3/4000T),
- Amiga 3000D (Mediator PCI 3000D, Mediator PCI 3/4000T),
- Amiga 1200 (Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI ZIV, Mediator PCI 3/4000T).

About Spider:
The Spider II USB 2.0 card is a 5-port Hi-Speed USB 2.0 PCI controller. Spider II is the most powerful USB host controller for Amiga computers. The enclosed SpiderCD includes Mediator and Amithlon EHCI (USB 2.0) and OHCI (USB 1.1) drivers for the Poseidon stack.

Order your Mediator Now and get a FREE Spider USB 2.0 card!

Mariusz Siaczyklow
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department

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